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:: 4-5-2010 ::
one f - On the Road
Southern California, here we come!
Come join one f as we play four dates in SoCAL: April 10th - da Center for the Arts, Pomona; April 11th - Roof Top Party, Chinatown (LA); April 12th - Origami Records, Echo Park; April 13th - Frog and Peach, San Luis Obispo.
See ya soon.
:: 1-28-2010 ::
New line up, lot's of Fun!
one f are back again. We never left really, just had a crazy year of Record Releases, three big shows at the Boom Boom Room, a new drummer, Kyle Plyler and a new bass player, Alex Gottschalk. Come to Hotel Utah on Saturday night and see what it's all about.
:: 8-15-2009 ::
Recording in Progress
"one f" hits the studio today. Six new songs. The origin of "Discolandia."
:: 4-16-2009 ::
Magic Burgrs Donuts is being pressed!
Just two weeks away from the Record Release Party over at the Boom Boom Room. Should be a night to remember.
:: 2-19-2009 ::
Magic Burgrs Donuts to be Mastered in two weeks!
Damn, this has taken us a while, but we are finally there. Our Record Release Party is scheduled for April 30 at the Boom Boom Room. It's gonna be RAD!
:: 12-11-2008 ::
one f - live at City Hall Rm. 282
That's right, . . . as we finally finish our record and head into the holidays, we will be playing at Sup. Ross Mirkarimi's Holiday Party. Anyone is welcome to come to this public event. Bring a reindeer!
:: 8-6-2008 ::
Magic Burgrs Donuts to be released
Hey, all! Just finishing the last touches on our new record. This baby will be finished and released by the end of September on CD/Vinyl/and digitally somewhere on line, so keep posted!
:: 8-10-2007 ::
Thanks for Last Night
Thanks to those faithful, like you Kim, who keep coming out to see our growth. The show last night was a great time and isn't North Beach just like being in a different country? Thursday good! Friday & Saturday bad! Well, thanks again and have a great day!
one f
:: 7-23-2007 ::
Come July
Two days until the debut of Justin, our new drummer, at the Elbo Room and a solid year since we released the Fuck Bush EP. Today, July 23 is a great day, one for the ages. We will see you in two days. SS, my friend?
:: 6-4-2007 ::
June Has Come
So, we thought we'd get 5 more, but we actually did the basic tracking for 6 new songs. Yes, we slowed down for a second as we said goodbye to James, the drummer of a beautiful new baby girl, but came back and with a vengeance and now with the addition of Justin Markovits on the kit we have done some pretty good studio work, I must say. Look for us in July at the Elbo Room.
Rock on!
:: 5-11-2007 ::
Almost Complete
Five new songs are almost complete and we'll be recording five more in June. Maybe that record will be completed this year, after all!
:: 3-19-2007 ::
So it's here!
It, you ask? The time when one f has finished recording 5 songs at Expression College; the time when one f plays back to back live shows (one via the net and the other at the Utah, a week later); and the time when all of our dreams come true. Stick with us, kids! The skies the limit!
:: 2-8-2007 ::
Lots Coming Up
So, we have the month of February off to rehearse and rehearse, but that is only to get ready for a busy month of March, which brings us two live shows and three separate recording dates, one being a live, hour long, web cast. Yes, it's going to be busy, but what a good road to travel.
see ya soon.
:: 1-3-2007 ::
Happy New Year
So, College Radio has been a success. Over 40 stations confirmed The Fuck Bush EP for light radio rotation and I'm sure that many more were playing it. It's just so hard to get anyone there to call you back, send an email or just confirm that your record made it to the airwaves. Thanks to all of you for making our December show at the Utah a success. Because of it, we have already been asked to return. Be sure to check out our Press page to see which stations are playing our stuff. Rock On! Much love!
one f
:: 11-3-2006 ::
College Radio
Yes, we have sent out The Fuck Bush EP to over 250 college radio stations, in hopes of getting some exposure. It's starting out good, with 10 stations nation wide and counting. I'll keep you updated, as the call backs have just begun. We should get a lot of movement over the next two weeks. Keep it real and down with the man!
:: 8-18-2006 ::
Thanks for coming to the show!
The Record Release Party was a real success. Thanks to all of those who showed their support and to the rest of you, . . . no problem, we are working on putting a show together for September and then very regularly after that. Thanks again for the support and we look forward to seeing you soon.
:: 7-11-2006 ::
The Fuck Bush EP gets the kibosh again.
Yes, ladies and gentleman, it's true. Printers that have served us true, in the past, have turned on us for "political and religious reasons." The afore mentioned EP took a minor hit last week, when east bay printers, Galaxy Press of Concord, decided not to print our CD and 7" cases due to P & R reasons. This initially came as a shock, but quickly came into perspective, as we watch the political machine try and turn this world into an Orwellian nightmare where people are afraid to challenge the status quo. Getting two refusals for this job must means that we are doing something right. It's not so easy to stand up to the Man, but it sure is fun. Be sure to come support us on July 8th at the record release party and get your copy of this controversial record.

:: 5-1-2006 ::
Our 7" vinyl copy of "The Fuck Bush EP" is almost complete,
but we had a mishap with our CD run. The company, CD Sonic, of Boston, refused to press the CD's because the artwork contained a "derogatory term." When asked if I had offended their religious, political or some other affiliation, I was simply told that the, for mentioned, "derogatory term" was the reason. My formal letter asking for their policy in writing was ignored, so the CD will now be pressed by SF's own Community Musician. Don't bother with CD Sonic; they may be protecting some hideous little secret.
:: 4-4-2006 ::
Did I mention that this site is almost done?
As the days pass, the site gets closer to completion and the band gets closer playing its first gig as an electric trio. Stay posted!
:: 1-11-2006 ::
Getting back to the basics
one f is now rehearsing as a trio and will be looking to play out soon. Also, our web master is going to update this web site, and we'll be ready to Rock It completely. Did I mention he's single and hot?
:: 8-27-2004 ::
Finally, The Fuck Bush EP is ready
I'm heading off on the Impromptu Pub Crashing Tour throughout Europe and then will probably be forgotten for the next year. Rock it, baby!
:: 12-2-2003 ::
For anyone who has been waiting!
How are you kids? As you can see, the web site is coming along slowly, but brilliantly. The wait is almost over. one f is also working on booking some shows and has made a date to record our next album in March. We won't stop until the money runs out, but always seem to have sporadic flurries of silence.
hugs, one f
:: 8-19-2003 ::
CD Release Party: Sunday, Sept. 14 @ Doc's Clock

The long wait is finally over. one f has a new release entitled Hopscotch? . . . hand made by us for you. Ten heartfelt songs, ringing in at 45 minutes, all recorded at Studio D, in Sausalito, by our good friend Steve Pierson. check it out
:: 7-31-2003 ::
Summer Fandango
one f has put together a rouge concert series call the Summer Fandango. We stake out a location, inform the public, show up and play, . . . and hope not to get kicked out. So far we've rocked the Stockton/Sutter Garage and set fire to the Fuchsia Dell in Golden Gate Park. Stay tuned, . . . more shows will soon be announced.
Sat., April.10 - 10pm
da Center for the Arts
252 S. Main St., Pomona CA